BIOMIN XV: 15th International Symposium on Biomineralization

9–13 September 2019 • Munich, Germany

BIOMIN XV: 15th International Symposium on Biomineralization

9–13 September 2019 • Munich, Germany

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How to get to the Venue

How to get to the venue Theresienstraße 41, 80333 Munich

From the airport to the city center

From Munich airport take either the S1 or the S8 train (“S-Bahn”) towards Munich Hauptbahnhof, the central train station in Munich. The signposting is a letter “S” on a green background. Both S1 and S8 leave every 20 minutes and it takes around 45 minutes to Hauptbahnhof. Take whichever train is going to leave next. There are ticket machines. There is a special ticket from the airport to the city center. If in any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for help, everybody understands English. In the city the S-Bahn runs underground. Your ticket is also valid for subsequent tram or bus rides in the city center (see below).

From city center train stations to the venue

Alternative 1: Walk. From Hauptbahnhof it is about 20 minutes to walk to the venue.

Alternative 2: Exit from your S1 or S8 train at “Karlsplatz/Stachus” (instead of Hauptbahnhof). Karlsplatz is a central square of Munich. Scramble from the underground to the surface and locate the tram stop for lines 27 (direction “Petuelring”) and 28 (direction “Scheidplatz”). In the level just below the surface there are screens and signs showing the way to the right tram stop. Don’t hesitate to ask, as the situation is usually chaotic. Pick 27 or 28, whichever comes first. Exit at “Pinakotheken”. It is a 5 minute ride (3 stops).

Alternative 3: From Hauptbahnhof take bus no. 100 or 58 (whichever comes first) and exit at „Pinakotheken“. This bus ride takes 5-10 minutes. To reach the appropriate bus stop „Hauptbahnhof Nord“ scramble towards the Earth’s surface and proceed towards „DB Fernverkehr“ (the station for the long-distance lines operated by DB) and look for the nearest exit/stairs to outside. The bus stop is on the street essentially directly above the S-Bahn underground station. Once you have surfaced, you find the bus stop next to the taxi stand / police car park in the chaos on the northward side of the station complex.